A Sprinkle of Sparkle in August

Christmas ornamentsAs we inch towards the end of summer, the temperatures are dropping and we are enjoying crisp and cool Vancouver evenings. At Sweet Scarlet rehearsal the temperatures dropped well below freezing, with the ladies thinking about snow, Santa and many well loved Christmas carol classics. It was our annual Christmas listening party and we came prepared with chocolate and enthusiasm for all things red, green and sparkly.

This is the rehearsal when we go through our current Christmas repertoire and decide what fan favourites we will keep for the upcoming holiday season and what new pieces to add. Each Scarlette brought the few songs they selected from the mountains of a cappella Christmas arrangements. Then we had the difficult task of deciding which ones worked best for the group.

11899838_888332084548080_1439601279386313744_n In the end we agreed on eight exciting new songs.   If you want to know what they are –we look forward to seeing you at our self-presented show on December 13th! For the time being we will let you know that the new songs will excite fans of all ages (from 1 to 92).   One of our new selections is an arrangement of a song by a famous children’s entertainer that our Scarlette families are really excited to hear! We are also adding a holiday hit by the Grammy award winning acapella group that the Scarlettes adore. As you can appreciate, with 8 new songs to master, the Scarlettes will be very busy the next few months! The end result will be a fun and joy and sparkle filled holiday show that we cannot wait to share with all of you.

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