A Sweet Scarlet Lovefest! | Vancouver A Cappella

Just like every other family unit, the Scarlettes also need some quality time together to rejuvenate. Thankfully this past weekend we had an opportunity for exactly that. We planned a “Sweet Scarlet intensive” rehearsal in a dance studio space to learn and practice our competition “choralography” and to do some serious vocal work on both our competition pieces and our showcase repertoire.   As you can imagine, after 7 hours of singing and dancing we were exhausted, but the rehearsal tracks we recorded from the day illustrated how helpful it was to have that dedicated time.

image1 (5)What came afterward was even better. We all went to dinner and thanks to our lovely Eran’s suggestion, proceeded to “shower” each other with positive comments and admiration. There are different versions of this group activity, but the essential element is that you pick one person at a time and they must remain quiet as the rest of the group takes this opportunity to tell her what they admire, respect and love about her. Let me tell you that this was not a short activity for the Scarlettes! It was amazing to have an opportunity to tell each and every girl what we admire about them and equally amazing to hear these words back.

As a message from us to you, take the time to tell those in your life what they mean to you and what makes them fabulous. You may think they know already, but it never hurts to say it out loud. When we watched the happy tears of each of these 6 ladies whom we see at least once a week, we all realized how important it is to share happy thoughts each and every day with the ones you love.

So go ahead and spend some time this week “showering” those you love and see how amazing it feels for both you and them.

The Scarlettes.

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