Celebrating and Rejigging!

Laura and one of her sweet new babes.

This summer our Sweet Scarlet extended family grew by two!  The lovely Laura had twins in June and we have been blessed with the presence of her brilliantly behaved littlest girl and boy since.  It may be hard to believe, but even with twins entering her life, our Laura has not missed a single beat. 

We have been rehearsing away with one big goal in mind, a rejigging of our Christmas repertoire.  As most of you know, this will be our 7th Christmas season together.  7 is lucky, so we have added a lot of new repertoire and want to give our fans a very different Christmas show this year.  It seems as though every couple of weeks another new Christmas song “gem” is discovered by a Scarlette (okay, maybe realistically, it’s all Eran).  Once the gem is revealed and after we take a look at it, we have unanimously agreed it must be added to the 2018 show.  As a result, those faithful Sweet Scarlet fans who have been at all 6 of our shows will have a lot of new music to enjoy this Christmas! 

Heather gets serious at rehearsal.

Since we never really take an extended break from rehearsals, we make sure to fit in laughter and fun when we are together.  Don’t get me wrong, each rehearsal has it’s share of hard work, but intermixed with the rehearing, discussing and rejigging are jokes, stories and sometimes even baby snuggle or two. 

As the summer comes to an end, all six of us wish you a great start to September, whether you are celebrating kids returning to school (woo hooo!!!!), returning to work or school yourself, or taking an extra moment to enjoy the beautiful fall colours.

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  1. Beverley Richards Reply


    Keith and I look forward to hearing your new pieces. We missed last year but …

    All the best to you all!

    Cheers from Keith & Beverley
    Your Powell River private audience!

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