Celebrating Mother’s Day | Vancouver A Cappella

11164570_847689705278985_1644870111118920970_nOne of the most unique things about Sweet Scarlet is that we are all mothers. Between the 6 members, there are 11 children between us, and we often joke about how we could start our own children’s choir with our combined offspring!

But it’s not the children that make us unique (although each of our kidlets is pretty unique in their own way!), but the fact that despite our crazy and hectic motherhood schedules, we continue to make time to get together once a week, for three hours, without children, to get together and sing.

We’re not always in the best of moods, and we often have other household/career/life issues on our brains – but after spending three hours together doing something that we love, usually those worries are able to fade into the background for a little bit. And having this network of other mothers, who “get it” and share the same passion and need to escape into something that is truly our own, is something that we all treasure.

And so, this Mother’s Day, we hope that you get a chance to do something YOU really love! Fittingly, Mother’s Day always falls on a rehearsal day for us (Sundays!), and so we will be spending our morning with our families, and our afternoon together, rehearsing and performing at a private engagement – all things we really love!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!

With love,
The Scarlettes

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