Going on Retreat!

We are SO EXCITED. In just a few short days, Sweet Scarlet members are packing their bags, hopping on the ferry, and embarking on a song-filled retreat weekend on the Sunshine Coast!

This is a first for Sweet Scarlet ~ one entire weekend, 100% devoted to polishing our Christmas material, creating cute choreography, eating good food, drinking a bit of wine, and hanging out together, without out entire brood of 11 children! (yes! The Sweet Scarlet members have ELEVEN children between us!).  Our tiniest mini-Scarlettes will be joining us, as they aren’t quite ready to be without their mamas, but for the most part, we will be spending this coming weekend without our children – a big thank-you to the dads and other family members who are stepping up to give us this dedicated time!

While we anticipate to put in a lot of hard (but fun!) work, we do expect that the weekend will present it’s share of goofy, typical Sweet Scarlet moments. Keep an eye our our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the weekend, to join us vicariously for all our antics! There may be more crazy Sweet Scarlet antics, similar to this gem:


We are also starting to fill up our holiday calendar with gigs and events! If you know of an event, public or private, that could use a healthy dose of Sweet Scarlet holiday cheer, let us know!



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