Heartfelt Thanks for an Amazing Week | Vancouver A Cappella

13592408_1043459235702030_13870056540001335_nI’m not sure where to begin. So much has happened over the past week that I feel overwhelmed with inspiration, joy, thanks and love.

As many of you know, Sweet Scarlet took part in the International Choral Kathaumixw festival in the beautiful town of Powell River. We took second place in the Equal Voice and Chamber Choir categories, and were surprised and honoured with the Elmer Iseler Award for best performance of a Canadian Work. We are so very proud of our accomplishments, but the 5 days we spent at Kathaumixw in Powell River meant so much more than any award or trophy we could have received. We had the opportunity to meet and to work with so many amazing people from across the world. In one word, it was MAGIC!

With all of the violence, hatred and negativity that is happening in our world today, choirs from across the globe gathered to share and to speak the language of music. Ethnic, religious, and language barriers were demolished as the 1000 voice choir united to share a message of love. The words, “Phindukhulume” reverberated the arena as I was overcome with raw emotion and brought to tears by this beautiful moment I will never forget.

image1 (8)On the ferry ride home to Vancouver, I sat alone soaking up the beautiful scenery and had the chance to reflect upon our days we spent at Kathaumixw 2016. I can honestly say, in that moment, I was completely, and utterly, happy.

There are so many people we want to thank that made this all possible.

Thank you to:

  • Our husbands & family for taking care of the kids while we were away. Without you we would not be able to pursue our passions.
  • Rosemary, Debbie, and The Rays for coming out to Kath and for being our biggest fans.
  • 13582029_1045274595520494_8222810399413158068_oJ.P., Kelly and the amazing staff at the Old Courthouse Inn and Edie Rae’s Café for your warm hospitality, kindness and for the best pancakes with blackberry jam we’ve ever had!
  • Mayor David Formosa and the people of Powell River for their great hospitality and warm welcome. What a beautiful place you live in!
  • Clint Williams, Hegus (Chief of the Tla’ amin Nation) for sharing your beautiful culture with us and for creating the stunning totem that will be proudly displayed in Hong Kong!
  • Tom Koleszar, Don James, Paul Cumming, Walter Martella and all the other committee members of Kathaumixw 2016. What an event you put together! We are so honoured to have been a part of this magic.
  • 13613613_1044906855557268_4584913114466238966_o2016 panel of adjudicators for sharing your knowledge and for the constructive critique. We will be sure to use your feedback to improve our performances as we always strive to be better.
  • Scott Leithead, aka: #fancrush. Your energy and spirit is such an inspiration and we hope to work with you again in the very near future.


  • Venue managers, crew and volunteers for Kathaumixw 2016 for their hard work and dedication.
  • IMG_3394All the other participating choirs, and directors. We will not forget the time spent together and the new friendships that were formed. Thank you for sharing a little piece of you with us and we hope that our paths will cross again.

Hope to see you all at Kathaumixw 2018!

With love,

June and the Scarlettes




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  1. Dave Smith Reply

    We (members of One Accord) had the pleasure and privilege of sharing ” I Sing Because I’m Happy” with you at the Old Courthouse Inn over dinner on Thursday and we thoroughly enjoyed your energetic and unique performances over the week. All the best moving forward.

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