Rotato Potatoes, Fried Squid and Sweet Scarlet? | Vancouver A Cappella

RINM - Summer 2013Summer is lingering in Vancouver this year with our un-seasonally warm temperatures and the extension of summer break for students. We Sweet Scarlettes are also keeping the summer going with our last Summer Night Market performance – this Sunday, September 14th at 7:45 pm at the International Summer Night Market in Richmond at 12631 Vulcan Way (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way).

Ever been to a Night Market? If you have, you will know the unexpected variety of food, goods, and entertainment…from fried squid, rotatopotatoes, selfie extend-arms (that’s right – ’cause you need one to take an excellent selfie!), to karaoke singing and Rhumba (which I personally thought was a form of hip-shaking exercise, but I guess, it is also for all to watch and marvel at). Enter Sweet Scarlet! We enjoy adding a little of our own sassy assortment of music to the Night Market scene – unexpected at this venue? Maybe…

We in Sweet Scarlet are a diverse group of women, who enjoy signing a variety of different styles of music in our own sassy, sophisticated way. We call it “choral fusion” – based in our choral roots and training, we like to put our own twist on a varied repertoire of music, all a cappella. In our set, you never know what to expect or what song’s up next. George Michael? Check. Traditional Irish folk song? Yup. Orchestral piece sung with just voices? You bet. Native American folk? Roger that. Beatles? Of course. Contemporary singer-songwriter? Loving that right now. Jazzy retro? We do that too.

Sweet Scarlet, at one of the last Night Market’s of the season, is a great way to enjoy the lingering warmth of our Vancouver summer. And while you’re there, enjoy the assortment of interesting and exciting food, shopping and of course, music. We’ll see you there.

Find more information on the International Summer Night Market here:

With love,
The Scarlettes

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