Where’s Sweet Scarlet? Ticket Giveaway!

If you were lucky, you may have caught a glimpse of Sweet Scarlet out and about around town a few weeks ago, singing our hearts out to some Christmas tunes! That super fun day in late September was all in preparation for GIVING AWAY A BOATLOAD OF FREE TICKETS to our upcoming holiday show! Here are the details:

Every Sunday, for the next 8 weeks, we will be posting a special #WheresSweetScarlet video on Facebook, performing a favourite holiday tune at a random location on the North Shore. And each week, we hope to give away TWO FREE TICKETS to our December show, Winter Songs, if you can guess the random location at which we are singing!

So, if you would like a chance to win TWO FREE TICKETS to our upcoming holiday show, Winter Songs (December 21st at the Blueshore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts), all you have to do is send us a correct guess as to WHERE we are singing in each weekly video (and you must be specific! “North Vancouver” or “outside” will not suffice!).

Guesses MUST be sent via private message on Facebook or by email – no posting in the comments and giving the answer away to others! So, keep your eye on our Facebook page (become a fan so you don’t miss any posts!).

To recap, here’s how to be entered in the weekly draw to win two free tickets to Winter Songs:

#1 – Watch our #WheresSweetScarlet videos every Sunday on Facebook for the next 8 weeks.
#2 – Figure out where we filmed that video.
#3 – Send us a PRIVATE MESSAGE on Facebook, or email us at sweetscarletmusic@gmail.com and tell us your location guess (be as specific as possible!)
#4 – Comment “I know!” on the #WheresSweetScarlet Facebook post.
#5 – Cross your fingers and toes.
#6 – Watch for your name as the weekly winner!

See you on Sunday for our first video!!
xo, the Scarlettes

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