It Takes a Village | Vancouver Choir

Only a few short days until we take the stage for our joint concert with MomChoir, It Takes a Village. Do you have your tickets yet?

It Takes a Village is happening on February 29th at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond. We’ll be hosting a heartwarming evening of storytelling and music, all focused on motherhood, parenting and post partum support. With 15 children between the 6 of us, we know a little bit about those three things!

Sweet Scarlet and MomChoir will each be performing a set, as well as a joint song at the end of the show. Interspersed throughout the music will be takes of parenting and motherhood from various members of both groups.

If you’d like to join us for this magical evening, we’d love to see you there! Tickets are only $30 and can be purchased through the City of Richmond, via their Registration website (search barcode 2756189) or by phone at 604-204-8588. Children 0-18 years old are free of charge (although please note that some mature subject matter will be address during the show).

Special thanks to the Richmond City Centre Community Centre, Richmond Public Health and Vancouver Coastal Health for putting this event on!

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