Kathaumixw, Here We Come!

FullSizeRender (3)There is nothing more satisfying than working hard towards a goal and then meeting it! Kathaumixw, we’re coming for you!!! After months of preparation – selecting repertoire, perfecting our pieces, and adding choral-ography – we are ready!

This morning we six (plus two mothers and one baby) are off to Powell River. Not a lot of people know this, but Powell River is known for their arts and culture scene and for one week, every other year, it becomes a hotbed of choral music as host to Kathaumixw International Choral Competition. The town is flooded with groups, solo singers, directors, and choral music lovers from across the globe. Hotel rooms book up six or more months in advance. Businesses close during the festivities. Singing can be heard in every corner of the town, with a tight schedule of competitions, concerts, mass rehearsals, and of course choirs practicing everywhere and anywhere.

We are looking forward to meeting other groups, hearing new music and getting caught up in the middle of all the excitement. We also can’t wait to present the result of our hard work and to get feedback from some of the most prestigious adjudicators. We compete on Wednesday (Chamber category), Thursday (Contemporary and Equal Voice Choir categories) & Friday (Folk & Traditional category) mornings between 9 and 11am and will be performing concerts in the afternoon or evening those days as well.

We wish so badly that we could take you, our family, friends, and fans, with us. We will need support while we are up there to lift us up and cheer us on! So, we’ll be posting videos on Facebook throughout the week of our competition and concert songs. We hope you’ll watch and drop us a line!

Adios! Ciao! See you next week!


The Scarlettes oxox

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  1. Janet Marshall Reply

    Love, love, love !!! You go girls, you have all worked so hard to achieve this goal !! I would love to say “break a leg”, but I’m a mother, that would not feel right ! I can say… Enjoy yourselves!! Your #1 !!!! You are all amazing !!! Have a wonderful time ! XO 🙂 🙂

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