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We talk endlessly about how each member of Sweet Scarlet is a mom, and how we have 15 children between us. You won’t attend a performance of ours without us mentioning it.

But we couldn’t be the awesome moms and dedicated performers that we are without some seriously supportive and encouraging back-up behind us. That’s why this Valentine’s Day post is dedicated to the wonderful men in our lives – Brenden, Dave, Jay, Justin, Justin (yes, there’s two!) and Kevin.

Not only do they show up at all our shows and tolerate our endless humming of Sweet Scarlet tunes, they also take over for swim lessons, gymnastics driving, bedtime routines, birthday parties, choir practices, and much more with our kids whenever we rehearse or have a show. They man our merchandise table, design advertisements, provide repertoire and performance advice, usher at shows, make rehearsal snacks and beverages, chauffeur family members to shows , and endure countless rehearsals at home.

They are our biggest cheerleaders and we couldn’t do this without them.

Sending love to our Valentines – the best husbands, dads and supporters that Sweet Scarlet could ask for!

the Scarlettes

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